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WAIT? What's a colour calculator?!

Do colours mean anything?

Everyone has their favourite colour right?! But did you know the colours you wear are saying something?! Have you ever wondered why celebrities have ‘Black Tie’ events or why the colour yellow seems to make everyone so happy?

Colours are all around us and have been dictating the emotions we feel since forever! There’s a reason why cosy winter vibes come in leafy colours (browns and greens) and why fun summer colours tend to be brighter floral colours (think yellows and oranges). Every movie you have seen will have a scene director, whose role is to help dictate the emotions you feel so that it ties to the story line in the movie, so why not dictate each scene in the movie of your life?

Each colour has a psychological meaning about the traits it represents, so we bet right now you are wondering what your clothes are saying about you! Fear not, as in our Power of Colours blog series, we are going to explain the meaning behind each colour, so that you are prepared to express your Persona, so that you know why we are only interested in colourful socks and so that you can put your best foot forward!

By using the information in our series, combined with our Colour Calculator, you’ll be able to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it’s for a job interview, a date or just casual summer outing!

Should I avoid any colours?

In short, no! There may be some colours which you don’t like and some which just don’t match with your outfit, but as we said above and as our Colour Calculator shows, each colour has a different meaning, so depending on the traits you want to display, you probably don’t want to be avoiding colours. The more colours you avoid, the less you have to say, so make sure you are in the conversation!

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