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Personality begins

Everyone wears socks and everyone loves luxury, so luxury socks are a no brainer right?! Having previously spent our time working in offices, we noticed that everyone wore the same, boring an dull colours, which didn't really make us too happy. We knew that true happiness comes from expressing your true personality - so we started to wear fun colourful socks and from there, Persona was born! Persona's mission to create the most fun socks, colourful socks and luxuriously soft socks possible - all so you could express your Persona!

How do we plan on fulfilling our mission?

By being totally awesome, that's how! Well, that alone isn't going to do it, so we've devised a plan which we think is going to work:

(1) By using Egyptian cotton for all of our socks, which your skin will love; and

(2) We've used all of our creative ability to bring you designs with character, elegance and a splash of fun. 

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What's so special about Egyptian cotton?

We know you're thinking it and to be fair, it was what we were thinking before we started using it.

Egyptian cotton is softer than regular cotton, more durable and kinder to your skin, so is less likely to cause irritation. It is also hand picked, meaning its fibres are longer and all of these factors make it a truly luxurious material, so treat your feet to some of our luxury socks!

"Great quality and nicely packaged"

— Kate

"Great socks, nice vibrant colours, and beautifully packed box, ideal for giving as a gift"

— Alison

"Really nice socks and good sizing: snug without being tight"

— Richard

“I was blown away by the quality of the socks. I had no idea the difference Egyptian cotton would make but I am so glad I have found out - I will only be buying Egyptian cotton socks from now on.”

— James

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