Have you ever
felt like everyone
wants you to act
a certain way?

But that way isn’t in line with who you are and what you value? Maybe you’ve felt that you are a little bit more quirky than everyone else? Or perhaps that you don’t fit in or belong in the group?

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Well we’ve got a little secret for you, so have we! It started with our founder, Prem, who found that all too often in his life as an accountant, that he had to dress or act a certain way, but that way wasn’t in line with his colourful personality.

Deep meaningful conversations were replaced with small talk about the weather and bright, bold and vibrant colours and patterns were replaced with dull grey suits. 


That fire and light once burning bright deep inside him had started to dampen, ever so slightly.

And like any great cliched movie, when the feeling of not being able to conform anymore got too much, a light bulb moment occurred and Persona was born. 

It was time to add some
Personality back into life!

Prem began going about adding little elements of fun, colour and his personality to his wardrobe in a subtle way – his socks! He had no experience in the fashion industry and all he knew was that he wanted the socks to be luxuriously good and incredibly bold – he was determined to make them a sockcess!

Ironically, having purchased some new Egyptian cotton bed sheets and realising just how soft and luxurious Egyptian cotton is, a light bulb went off in his head and 2 plus 2 made 5 - he could design colour Egyptian cotton socks, not bed sheets!

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In fact, at Persona, all of our socks are made from Egyptian cotton, so you will never have to worry about them not being luxuriously good.

As he began designing colourful socks and fun socks, the creative juices kept flowing and he began getting more and more compliments on how much personality his socks had and how they were ‘so him’. That feeling of completely being himself was so liberating and empowering that he couldn’t wait to help others to experience that same freedom and love for life!

Thus, Persona truly took shape, with both Prem and Persona finding their mission in empowering everyone to feel comfortable in expressing exactly who they are!

So whether you are looking for a pair of socks to show your love of dad jokes, to show just how sophisticated you are or to just to show how vibrant your personality is, we have got something perfect just for you.

If our socks remind you of someone else whose personality you love and admire then don’t worry – we have beautifully hand wrapped gift boxes for you to show them just how much you love their unique personality!

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So be bold, be brave, and express your Persona!