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The Power of Colours - Blue

Before we start, we’re going to challenge you to tell us what you think the colour blue represents, then as we go over some traits, you can see how in tune your radar is!

Our colour calculator lets you know the psychology behind each colour and the traits they mean. In this episode we look at the colour blue!
Persona's colour calculator - the power of blue!


We bet you weren’t expecting this? Blue represents someone or something being logical – don’t believe us? Then do a google search on some IT companies such as SAP and IBM and you’ll see that a lot of them have a logo with blue as the primary colour? Maybe it’s because computers and IT are built on logic and meant to be quite logical, so the next time you want to give off the impression of being a logical thinker, why not try incorporating a bit of blue into your outfit.


Building on the first trait, the logical next trait (see what we did there) is peaceful. Think about it, after a stressful period of work, exams or just life, we all want to go on an exotic holiday so sit on the beach, by the peaceful blue sea and sky and relax. Maybe it’s the association with the ocean and sky which makes blue seem so peaceful to us. Fun fact: water isn’t actually blue, it’s clear but looks blue in the ocean because it absorbs yellow, green and red from light the light spectrum.


It should be quite logical (two for two there hooray!) that after peaceful comes calm, as if something is peaceful, then most likely it is also calm. Think the ocean again, whilst the tide can get rough, we generally associate it with being calm and peaceful.


Moving on from the peace and calmness, blue also represents loyalty. People love to see loyalty, so blue really is a powerful color in different scenarios – for example, in a job interview, subconsciously giving off the traits of logical thinking, calmness and loyalty can’t be a bad thing at all!

Why not add blue to your outfit with our “What a Bluetiful Conversation” socks!


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