What’s the big deal about Egyptian Cotton?!

So you’ve heard us mention it loads of times and now you’re curious, what’s the big deal about Egyptian cotton?!


Well, to start with, Egyptian cotton is grown in one of the most fertile places on Earth, the River Nile! Unlike regular cotton, which is picked by a machine, Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which results in longer cotton fibres.


Those longer cotton fibres mean that the end result is a material which is softer than regular cotton, more durable and kinder to your skin – so Egyptian cotton is the perfect material for those who have sensitive skin or find that their skin is easily irritated.

It’s no wonder why Egyptian cotton is regarded as a luxurious material then!

In fact, Egyptian cotton is more commonly used for luxury bed sheets, however, we thought our feet shouldn’t miss out on the comfort so we decided we wanted our men’s socks to be the highest quality and most luxury Egyptian cotton socks out there! So why not treat your feet?!


All of the above and below factors are what make our colourful socks and our sock gift boxes so special! 


Is your sock drawer... luxurious?

Egyptian cotton absorbs dye better than regular cotton, so you can guarantee our colourful socks are very bright and vibrant!