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What are the different types of socks?

We get it, it can be complicated knowing what the difference between socks types are and when to wear when. You’ve got trainer socks, invisible socks, crew socks, mid-calf, knee highs and a whole tonne of other names (just check out the picture below to see how confusing it gets!), so which ones are you supposed to wear and when are you supposed to wear them?!

A diagram showing the different types of sock types, ranging from ankle socks to crew socks and over the calf socks

First thing is first, whilst there is some sock etiquette, at Persona, we’re all about being free and expressing yourself, so whilst we have some sock drawer etiquette below, if you feel like wearing a particular set of socks with a particular outfit – GO FOR IT! Life is too short to be anyone but you. If you have already, check out why expressing yourself is so important to us (it’s actually our mission)

That being said, here is some sock drawer etiquette in case you were looking for a few tips:

No show / invisible socks:

Wearing loafers? Then these are the socks for you. No show / invisible socks are the ones you wear where you want to keep your feet warm and protect them but you can’t be having them ruin the look you are trying to pull off. After all, there needs to be a bit of beauty to the duty. Next time you’re wearing boat shoes and don’t want to sink the outfit, try teaming them with a pair of no show socks – your look will be complete and classy!

Trainer / ankle socks:

To be worn with trainers right? Sort of …  so the title is slightly misleading! True sock etiquette says that trainer

socks should actually be worn when you are wearing shorts. Why? Because strictly speaking, shorts and long socks are a no no (although we pretty much always wear crew socks – more on those below, with our shorts). To complete your look, you should pair your shorts with a pair of trainers socks and trainers, that is if you are not leading a sockless (how sad) life and wearing flip flops. Seriously, who are these sockless creatures!

Crew socks:

More socks to add to your crew (#pungamestrong) – crew socks are your everyday reliable socks. They typically end somewhere between the middle and bottom of your calf and are made of durable comfortable materials. Crew socks are the ones you most typically see in normal department stores and are the ones you will wear more often than not and come made in all sorts of materials. The best of the best is Egyptian cotton – which is why all Persona socks are Egyptian cotton socks. We’ve got a whole page and blog on what’s so good about Egyptian cotton, but in a nutshell, it’s softer, more durable, kinder to your skin and just all round feels more luxury.

Dress socks:

These are formal socks and as formal socks, they should accompany a formal outfit, such as a suit. The most common place you will see and wear these are in a formal setting , such as an office and with a suit. The difference between these and crew socks is that they are usually a bit longer than crew socks, so that if you wear them with a suit, you don’t end up showing a piece of leg when you sit down. They are also usually made from luxury materials – Egyptian cotton, silk or cashmere. Because crew socks everyday socks, you do get some luxury crew socks like ours, but the majority are made from regular cotton or bamboo.

So there you have it – that’s how to make sure your drawer is in order!

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