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What’s so good about Egyptian cotton socks?

You have heard us talk about it a million times but we are going to keep saying it – Egyptian cotton socks are the best kind of socks around! Look at our orange polka dot socks for men – they aren’t just colourful socks, they are colourful luxury Egyptian cotton socks! So the question you keep asking is, are Egyptian cotton socks good?

Colourful socks for men
Dinosaur patterned socks

A fun fact is that Egyptian cotton is used in luxury towels – the ones you normally find at 5* hotels! That’s because it’s a well-known fact that Egyptian cotton is the ultimate luxury material.

Why is Egyptian cotton so good you ask? Well it’s all to do with how Egyptian cotton is made (we've got a whole web page on this!).

To start with, proper Egyptian cotton is grown in the River Nile, one of the most fertile places on Earth. It is then hand-picked, rather than machine picked, meaning that it has longer cotton fibres than regular cotton.

Those longer cotton fibres mean that you get a material which is more durable than regular cotton (because of the way the longer fibres are woven together), softer than regular cotton and kinder to your skin – because of the softness and durability!

In fact, Egyptian cotton is also one of the most breathable materials, which means your feet won’t get that damp moist feeling after a long day walking around. They are the perfect dry socks to keep your feet dray and cool all day!

So when you’re picking your next pair of socks, why not pick a pair of Egyptian cotton socks?! You’ll get something super soft, durable and kinder to your skin – what’s not to like?!

At Persona, we’ve got the perfect Egyptian cotton socks for any sock drawer! Why not check out our newest ranges of cocks in our sock drawer

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