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Why wear colourful socks?

If you’ve found yourself on this blog post, you’ve either (1) been looking at all the colourful socks out there; (2) been buying funky socks for years (in which case you’re probably already the expert!); or (3) somehow accidentally clicked a link after a YouTube rabbit hole (we’ve all been there 😉) and have ended up here!

Whichever way you’ve ended up here, like The Wanted song, We’re Glad You Came! In this post, we’re going to tell you exactly why it’s so important to wear socks with personality (aka colourful socks or rather, Persona socks 😊) and why it’s so important to us!

Nine pairs of colourful socks on different colourful backgrounds, including blue socks with a pink flamingo pattern, yellow socks with a green palm tree pattern, cream socks with a red lobster pattern, orange fruit pattern socks, blue socks with yellow lemons on them, green socks with red strawberries on them, grey socks with elephants on them, green socks with yellow lions on them and peach socks with white flamingos on them.

First things first, why wear colourful socks?! Well it’s simple really – life isn’t dull!! Life is full of excitement, colour and experiences, so why would you accept anything else?! Whilst you might think a pair of socks is something small, they are much more than that! They are a statement of who you are, your personality, your likes / dislikes and more importantly, they signal to others that you are confident in expressing who you are and you are indirectly empowering them to do the same – who knew socks had so much power beyond just protecting your feet!!

I can speak from experience (It’s Prem here, the founder of Persona) that in life, we are regularly told who to be and how to act. From my personal experience, both starting out in the corporate world and even as a teenager with different interests, it’s not uncommon for people to make you feel small for being different or liking other things. Society tries to convince you that we must all try be the same, as if we are all robots but I’m here to tell you that we DON’T need to follow those rules! No one can do things the way you can, no one can tell you what your version of happiness looks like (it’s yours for a reason) and really and truly, living a life that is not true to you is only going to lead to unhappiness (trust me, I know it does).

That’s why for me and Persona, colourful socks are not just a fun accessory to add to an outfit, they are a representation of your personality. They tell everyone exactly who you are, that you are happy in your skin and you are living your best life. If they are a pair of Persona socks, they tell us that we’ve succeeded in our mission to empower you to express yourself and that inadvertently, by expressing yourself you are encouraging others to do the same. Our dream is to have a world where we all feel happy sharing what makes us ‘us’ with one another, starting with one sock at a time. That’s why I still design each pattern for each pair of our socks and the inspiration always come from (1) my love of colours; (2) things which have caught my interest or have inspired me (just check out our Safari Animal range); (3) the bits which make me ‘me’ (hint hint for future patterns!); and (4) my like of nice things – when I first wanted colourful socks the ones I could find were all a bit tacky and of low quality, which is why we only use Egyptian cotton (check out our blog post and Egyptian cotton page for why it’s the best material) and our designs are bold and colourful, but in a subtle and classy way. Just check out our sock drawer to see for yourself!

So now you know our mission and why colourful funky socks are so important to us, we want to know one thing – what does your sock drawer say about you?!

Three pairs of colourful socks on colourful backgrounds, including a pair of orange fruit pattern socks on a green background, a pair of blue socks with a yellow lemon pattern on a blue background and a pair of green socks with a red strawberry pattern on them on a yellow background.

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