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The Power of Colours - Green

From a spiritual aspect, if colours represent your heart and emotions and colours like blue represent the mind, green is associated with being the colour which is somewhere in the middle.

Our colour calculator lets you know the psychology behind each colour and the traits they mean. In this episode we look at the colour blue!
Persona's colour calculator - the power of green!


So it’s no surprise that green is a colour associated with balance, because, well, it provides a balance between your heart and mind. That’s why it’s the perfect colour for spas to use (I’m guessing those trips to spas with a green logo all make sense now), as it the colour of the interior they have prepare your mind and emotions to reach and equilibrium and to provide you with some peace.


Green is also known to replenish and restore used energy. It regenerates you and signifies healthiness so the next time you feel like bringing balance to yourself and a little restoration, why not add some green to your wardrobe!


Due all that association with balance and healthiness, green is also associated with peace and tranquillity. That is partly further supported by the fact that our brains associate the colour green with nature, which is a symbol of peacefulness – every time you want a peaceful holiday you think about the beach or a nice trek up a mountain!


This one is very interesting, but maybe not because of why you are thinking! Have you ever passed or failed a test?! Most likely you have! Then you have most definitely experienced a big red X for wrong answers / a fail and a big green tick for right answers / a pass! Due to being exposed to this throughout our lives, our brains associated green (a pass or right answer) with being safe!

Why not add green to your outfit with our “Make them Green with Envy” socks!

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