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Socks that don't get holes in them?

If you’ve found this page then you’re probably frustrated with all of your socks getting holes in them! If that’s not the case, we’re not sure why you’re here ….  If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place!

So let’s get one thing out of the way, no sock can guarantee it will never get a hole in it, because well, you could always just cut one! But what you can do, is buy the best material at preventing holes from wear and tear. If you can make sure they are also the most fun and colourful pattern and socks around, then that’s even better - just look how fun our "Seriously Wild Safari" socks are!

We can already hear you asking – what is the best material?! It’s EGYPTIAN COTTON of course! Not just because we say so, but because it’s fact! Why is it a fact?! Well it comes down to the benefits of Egyptian cotton!

Well, to start with, Egyptian cotton is grown in one of the most fertile places on Earth, the River Nile! Unlike regular cotton, which is picked by a machine, Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which results in longer cotton fibres and that's what is key to all of the magic of Egyptian cotton socks!

Those longer cotton fibres mean that the end result is a material which is softer than regular cotton, more durable than regular cotton (so socks that’s don’t get holes in them and socks which are less likely to wear out!) and kinder to your skin – so Egyptian cotton is the perfect material for those who have sensitive skin or find that their skin is easily irritated. Egyptian cotton is also a more breathable material, keeping moisture away from your feet and so are extremely breathable!

We’re also very proud to say that our Egyptian cotton socks are ethically made and are sustainable, as well as looking fabulous, bold and not boring at all!

We’ve actually written a whole page and blog post on why Egyptian cotton is so good and if you’re after interesting and fun patterned socks, look no further than our sock drawer!

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