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The Power of Colours - Grey

We guess you could say this is a greyt colour?! Ey, ey?!

Our colour calculator lets you know the psychology behind each colour and the traits they mean. In this episode we look at the colour blue!
Persona's colour calculator - the power of grey!


Grey sits between black and white, which are seen as opposites and contrast each other. So if you’re after something which is a bit more neutral, grey is your colour. Grey is seen as balancing out both black and white, hence the association with neutrality.


Most suits are grey, so it’s quite obvious that grey is then associated with being professional. Whilst it can be professional, grey is also an unassuming neutral colour, so it is unlikely to stand out. What does that mean? Grey is great for interviews or for the office, but unlikely to get you noticed at your next summer party!


Given its association with being neutral and professional, grey is often associated with something timeless. Grey isn’t very bold and doesn’t stand out too much, hence it has kept its place throughout time as it is unlikely to be part of any moving change in views or fashion.


Due to its association with being professional, grey is naturally associated with being serious. It’s a great colour for leadership roles, as its gives off a professional, authoritative and serious vibe, without being too flamboyant or in your face. It’s safe to say, in the corporate world, grey is a great colour!

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