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The Power of Colours - Orange

The colour named after the fruit. The word which nothing rhymes with. The ultimate pun word. Oh, and it’s also pretty fun colour, at least in our opinion.

Our colour calculator lets you know the psychology behind each colour and the traits they mean. In this episode we look at the colour blue!
Persona's colour calculator - the power of orange!


So it’ll be no surprise that one of the traits of the colour orange is fun! Think of a fun summer, enjoying the sun, seeing friends and having a great time. In some way, the colour orange will feature. Orange is often associated with fun so if you want to give off a fun vibe, the colour orange is a must.


Orange you glad we did this blog! One of the traits of orange is playfulness. Remember orange being associated with fun, well then it’s not surprise there’s an element of playfulness. Just take a look at which brands have orange in their logo, such as Nickelodeon and Fanta, they’re all about fun and playfulness so it’s no surprise their logos include the colour orange.


Having all that fun requires a lot energy and so that brings us on to orange’s next trait – energetic! What do you think about when thinking of orange? Maybe an orange Lamborghini? That sure does have a lot of energy!


This one should be a no brainer. Orange is often associated with warm and heat, mainly because we think of the sun when we think of orange. So when you wear orange, you’re telling people you are warm and inviting, which let’s face it, isn’t a bad thing to be saying.


Finally, but definitely not least, the colour orange is often associated with confidence. Maybe because it’s bold and attention grabbing, but not quite in the same way that the colour red stands out. Think about it, whenever you see an orange car or even somewhere wearing the colour orange, they have your attention and something inside of you wonders whether you’ve got the confidence to pull that off!

Why not add orange to your outfit with our “Orange You Glad to See Me” socks!

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