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The Power of Colours - Red

Red angers bulls right (actually not right)?! Manchester United are the red devils, so is it a colour associated with evil? How about romance? We know that you’re really interested in this one, not least because red is one of the colours worn most commonly, so without further ado, here is a bit more about the psychological traits which red represents!

Our colour calculator lets you know the psychology behind each colour and the traits they mean. In this episode we look at the colour blue!
Persona's colour calculator - the power of red!


Red is associated with movement and with movement, you need energy! In fact, red has been shown to impact your body’s natural energy through elevated blood pressure, enhanced metabolism, increased heart rate and an increased respiration rate.


Why is it the every romcom has a scene with a red dress in it? Why is red the original lipstick colour? Because the ambience of passion and romance is being created. Whilst you were focusing in on the product and the move scene, the colour was doing the hard work, setting you up to feel the passion and romance so the moment the dress of lipstick was shown, you were ready to believe!


You’ve heard about the power pose, but have you heard about the power suit? More specifically, the tie which you is part of the suit? It’s red, why? Well because it’s a sign of being assertive and in control. Wearing a red tie to your next business meeting may well just start of the conversation in the right way – although that’s where the power of colours ends, as what you say is down to you.


With all of that passion, energy and assertiveness, you need to be pretty strong. That’s why it’s no surprise that red has psychological traits of being strong – from the power tie mentioned above to also the red carpet, red is a symbol of strong and powerful individuals, items and events.

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